Try it. PUSH it. Love it!

Motivator Jacqui (aka Jumpin' Jacqui)
• Jacqui's favorite music to jam to is Rock, especially the FooFighters!
• Jacqui is most proud of being in such great shape at her young age of 43 and still being able to keep up with the 20 somethings!
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Jacqui will tell you that you are in control of your ride. Enjoy it!
• Jacqui rides because she loves the endorphin rush and the challenge!
• One time in PUSH Pilates class, Jacqui was explaining the T-Zone and a guy asked if he could hold his crown jewels 😂😂😂
• When Jacqui is not spinning (which is not very often), she takes care of her 2 kids and hubby. They keep her very busy!!
• What others say about Jacqui:
Love her enthusiasm! • Kicks my butt every time! • Very technical and descriptive with her drills • Love her passion for spinning ❤️