Motivator Rachel (aka Ray-Ray)
• Ray-Ray's favorite music to jam to trap remixes to pop music.
• Ray-Ray is most proud of her 3 fur-babies and their good manners 😀
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Ray-Ray will tell you that it's a bad rumour! There's a reason there are so many spin addicts 😉
• Ray-Ray rides for the stress relief, and it's fun of course!
• One time, Ray-Ray was Motivating a class and everyone was singing along to the song "Will you be there" by Michael Jackson off the Free Willy soundtrack 😳
• When Ray-Ray is not spinning, she's planning her spinning playlists!
• What others say about Ray-Ray:
She challenges you to go out of your comfort zone • She takes pride in building her classes • She makes you love it when you hate it! • Gets you addicted to that "feeling" • Fast legs!

We are always looking for new personalities with a passion for spinning and helping others reach their goals in a safe, non-judgemental community. If you are interested in joining our team, contact us at 587-254-0210 or via email at

Tammy (co-founder of PUSH)
• Although she's not a Motivator on the podium, Tammy is responsible for all the marketing, social media, website, events, etc. and she'll ride with you any opportunity she has!
• Tammy's favorite music to jam to is top 40, rock, throwbacks, heavy... pretty much all music really!
• Tammy is most proud of her why. She was a teen mom always feeling judged and like she had to prove something. Tammy and Janine wanted to create a welcoming community where no one felt that way. Everyone has a story, but we're in this together. Tammy is always pushing her limits outside her comfort zone hoping to inspire others and be the reason they never give up.
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Tammy will tell you that it's okay. She was too. You are in control of how hard you push, if you need to back off you can. Everyone is working at their own level but we are riding together! Once you are on that bike and the music is cranked up, your energy is so jacked it'll keep you coming back for more!
• Tammy rides because its a great stress reliever and you burn a ton of calories. It's like a healthy version of a night club and the endorphin rush is incredible!
• When Tammy is not marketing PUSH, she is spending time with her husband, 3 kids and dog Max.
• What others say about PUSH:
Is PUSH a franchise? • The brand is very polished • You girls are hilarious! • This place is amazing! • The facility is immaculate and has a great vibe!

Try it. PUSH it. Love it!

Pacesetter Tara

• Tara says, "Who wouldn't want to join the PUSH team? From the moment I started spinning at PUSH I felt at home and everyone I met was so kind and supportive. I was/am so excited to be given this opportunity to be a part of that!"
• Tara is for sure a Top 40 girl. She loves jamming to all the hits from her high school days. Her husband has broadened her music horizon for sure, but her go to is Top 40.
• It's hard for Tara to name one thing she is most proud of, but she's kind of awesome at making homemade tortillas for taco night!
• Tara doesn't know one person who wasn't nervous about their first spin class, it's a totally normal feeling. Her favorite part about PUSH is that it's not like what you see on TV where you are getting yelled at the whole time. Each motivator has their own special way of motivating you to push you beyond your own walls. It's about your ride and how you're feeling not about how the person next to you is doing!
• Tara rides for herself mostly. She rides because she likes to know she is doing something good for her body and her mind. She rides because she really enjoys it and the people she gets to meet because of it!
• When she's not at PUSH she is mostly trying to keep up with life and laundry! She loves being a mom and her twin boys keep her very busy! Tara loves hanging out with friends and family, games and good food!

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Motivator Jacqui
• Jacqui's favorite music to jam to is Rock, especially the FooFighters!
• Jacqui is most proud of being in such great shape at her young age of 43 and still being able to keep up with the 20 somethings!
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Jacqui will tell you that you are in control of your ride. Enjoy it!
• Jacqui rides because she loves the endorphin rush and the challenge!
• One time in PUSH Pilates class, Jacqui was explaining the T-Zone and a guy asked if he could hold his crown jewels 😂😂😂
• When Jacqui is not spinning (which is not very often), she takes care of her 2 kids and hubby. They keep her very busy!!
• What others say about Jacqui:
Love her enthusiasm! • Kicks my butt every time! • Very technical and descriptive with her drills • Love her passion for spinning ❤️

Motivator Janine (and co-founder of PUSH)
• Janine's favorite music to jam to is pop and EDM. She loves it! ❤️
• Janine is most proud of her daughter. She surprises her everyday!
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Janine will tell you it's not what you think. It's a completely different experience than riding your bike outside. Come ride and see for yourself!
• Janine rides because she can listen to her favorite songs and burn a huge pile of calories without harming her body.
• When Janine is not spinning, she cleans your teeth and hangs out with her daughter. 😁
• What others say about Janine: 

Amazing music! 🎤 • Very motivating and energetic • Lets you know what to expect

Pacesetter Alyssa

• Alyssa's favorite music to jam to is Motown ðŸŽ¶
• She's most proud of what she's overcome in the last few years with her health. She was a couch potato that wouldn’t move unless my Netflix account asked me if I was still watching!
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Alyssa says, "You have to start somewhere, why not enjoy your workout and jam out at the same time."
• She rides because she loves beer and cheeseburgers and needs to workout to stay sane! 
• When Alyssa is not pacesetting or spinning, she's a student at communications student at SAIT and recently started wall climbing trying to push her body in a different way. She also enjoys skiing and snowboarding.

Motivator Chris

• In the words of Dev - Chris likes his beats fast and his bass down low
• He is most proud of being married to his high school sweetheart! They've both tackled life head on and the best support through the entire journey is each other â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Chris says, it's your ride and you don't have to set any records. Focus on the beat and try to feel the vibe, everything else will come on its own. Those personal records will be smashed in no time! ðŸ…
• Chris rides because it's a form of therapy for him. Getting lost in the music and working hard is the best stress relief.
• This one time at band camp... oh nvmd that.. but a dance party has happened once or twice in class...
• When Chris is not spinning, you'll find him in the garage under the hood of a car, on the race track in one of his cars or working on his tan with their Doberman in the backyard. Follow the music, the louder it gets you'll find him!


Motivator Curt

• Curt's favorite music to jam to is alternative rock.
• He loves trying to make at least one person smile everyday. 😁
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Curt says he used to be in your shoes. Leave your comfort zone, you may fall in love with it! Check out his testimonial here.
• Curt rides for a healthier lifestyle.
• He thinks it's hilarious when riders lose their sh!t when their favorite song comes on! 😁
• When Curt is not spinning, he's spending time with friends and family. ❤️

Motivator Demi (aka Demi Hemi Cuda)
• Demi's favorite music to jam to is pop and alternative.
• Demi is most proud of being a fit and healthy mama!
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Demi will tell you that we welcome all levels at spin and everyone is a little nervous about the unknown, but you never know until you try so come on in and she will ensure you enjoy a fun, safe ride!
• Demi rides because it is her favorite form of cardio and she always finds it to be challenging, which means she's getting stronger all the time!
• One time, Demi was Motivating a class and caught a guest playing air guitar to one of her tracks!
• When Demi is not spinning, she's a teacher, a mother and an outdoor enthusiast.
• What others say about Demi:
She's very thorough and explains exactly what to do • Love her calm energy • Love her words of affirmation

Motivator Jolene

• Jolene's favorite music to jam to is EDM all the way!
• She is most proud of the three little humans she created â¤ï¸ ðŸ‘¦ðŸ» ðŸ‘©ðŸ¼ ðŸ‘§ðŸ¼
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Jolene says it's so much FUN! And it gives you a killer booty ðŸ˜‰ 
• Jolene rides because it allows her to lose herself in the music and forget about any troubles she's had throughout the day. Plus, it's an amazing workout and low-impact considering all the injuries she's had.
• You might catch Jolene breaking out and singing during class... bad habit of hers!
• When Jolene is not spinning, you'll find her with her handsome hubby and kids. In the summer they are major water babies and spend all their free time on the boat. In the off season they do anything that gets them outdoors and active! 

Motivator Jaclyn
• Jaclyn's favorite music to jam to is jazz and blues.
• Jaclyn is most proud of her dedication to lifelong learning, teaching and challenging herself everyday!
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Jaclyn will tell you to try it once and you'll be hooked! YOU control the ride. Life is scary spin it out!
• Jaclyn rides because she enjoys her dance parties on the bike and it keeps her asthma in check.
• When Jaclyn is not spinning, she is building her coaching business, traveling, reading, walking her dog and hanging out with family and friends.

Motivator Mike
• He'll get back to us. So mysterious....