Try it. PUSH it. Love it!

Motivator Demi (aka Demi Hemi Cuda)
• Demi's favorite music to jam to is pop and alternative.
• Demi is most proud of being a fit and healthy mama!
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Demi will tell you that we welcome all levels at spin and everyone is a little nervous about the unknown, but you never know until you try so come on in and she will ensure you enjoy a fun, safe ride!
• Demi rides because it is her favorite form of cardio and she always finds it to be challenging, which means she's getting stronger all the time!
• One time, Demi was Motivating a class and caught a guest playing air guitar to one of her tracks!
• When Demi is not spinning, she's a teacher, a mother and an outdoor enthusiast.
• What others say about Demi:
She's very thorough and explains exactly what to do • Love her calm energy • Love her words of affirmation