Try it. PUSH it. Love it!

Motivator Rachel (aka Ray-Ray)
• Ray-Ray's favorite music to jam to trap remixes to pop music.
• Ray-Ray is most proud of her 3 fur-babies and their good manners 😀
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Ray-Ray will tell you that it's a bad rumour! There's a reason there are so many spin addicts 😉
• Ray-Ray rides for the stress relief, and it's fun of course!
• One time, Ray-Ray was Motivating a class and everyone was singing along to the song "Will you be there" by Michael Jackson off the Free Willy soundtrack 😳
• When Ray-Ray is not spinning, she's planning her spinning playlists!
• What others say about Ray-Ray:
She challenges you to go out of your comfort zone • She takes pride in building her classes • She makes you love it when you hate it! • Gets you addicted to that "feeling" • Fast legs!