Try it. PUSH it. Love it!

Tammy (co-founder of PUSH)
• Although she's not a Motivator on the podium, Tammy is responsible for all the marketing, social media, website, events, etc. and she'll ride with you any opportunity she has!
• Tammy's favorite music to jam to is top 40, rock, throwbacks, heavy... pretty much all music really!
• Tammy is most proud of her why. She was a teen mom always feeling judged and like she had to prove something. Tammy and Janine wanted to create a welcoming community where no one felt that way. Everyone has a story, but we're in this together. Tammy is always pushing her limits outside her comfort zone hoping to inspire others and be the reason they never give up.
• If you are nervous about trying spin, Tammy will tell you that it's okay. She was too. You are in control of how hard you push, if you need to back off you can. Everyone is working at their own level but we are riding together! Once you are on that bike and the music is cranked up, your energy is so jacked it'll keep you coming back for more!
• Tammy rides because its a great stress reliever and you burn a ton of calories. It's like a healthy version of a night club and the endorphin rush is incredible!
• When Tammy is not marketing PUSH, she is spending time with her husband, 3 kids and dog Max.
• What others say about PUSH:
Is PUSH a franchise? • The brand is very polished • You girls are hilarious! • This place is amazing! • The facility is immaculate and has a great vibe!