Try it. PUSH it. Love it!

Pacesetter Tara

• Tara says, "Who wouldn't want to join the PUSH team? From the moment I started spinning at PUSH I felt at home and everyone I met was so kind and supportive. I was/am so excited to be given this opportunity to be a part of that!"
• Tara is for sure a Top 40 girl. She loves jamming to all the hits from her high school days. Her husband has broadened her music horizon for sure, but her go to is Top 40.
• It's hard for Tara to name one thing she is most proud of, but she's kind of awesome at making homemade tortillas for taco night!
• Tara doesn't know one person who wasn't nervous about their first spin class, it's a totally normal feeling. Her favorite part about PUSH is that it's not like what you see on TV where you are getting yelled at the whole time. Each motivator has their own special way of motivating you to push you beyond your own walls. It's about your ride and how you're feeling not about how the person next to you is doing!
• Tara rides for herself mostly. She rides because she likes to know she is doing something good for her body and her mind. She rides because she really enjoys it and the people she gets to meet because of it!
• When she's not at PUSH she is mostly trying to keep up with life and laundry! She loves being a mom and her twin boys keep her very busy! Tara loves hanging out with friends and family, games and good food!