Joining a new studio can be daunting, especially during a pandemic! But we want you to know that we’re here to help you feel right at home. While we can’t wait to have you in the studio, we want to make sure you get a head start online with us until we can reopen the studio doors.

Right now, you can join US online in our exclusive PUSH Unstoppable Facebook group for only $39 for 2 weeks! If you don’t have Facebook, that’s fine, you’ll still have access to our on-demand video library for unlimited workouts.

No stationary bike is required for our live non-spin classes like Pilates, Barre, Body Burn and Stretch. If you do have a bike at home and want to maintain your pace or step it up to the next level, enjoy one of our pre-recorded signature PUSH rides!

We are adding 2-3 new classes every day! We also offer nutritional support, accountability, fun challenges and prizes to keep you motivated too! If you are looking for more than a place to workout, this is it!

Once we reopen our doors, we will be right there to welcome you and show you around with 2 weeks of unlimited classes in studio for FREE!

Congratulations on taking the very first step towards nailing your goals! We’re so excited that we get to be part of your journey! 

Terms: 2 weeks unlimited access to our exclusive online Facebook group and video workout library for only $39 +gst. Activates on date of purchase. 

Jennifer Boppre

"I love the community aspect at PUSH. From the motivators to the riders, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Janine and Tammy have gone above and beyond in creating a place to workout that is inclusive, friendly, and the best place in Airdrie to be. I love that i can spin, but also do pilates, barre, hiit and more. I love the social events they do, and their community minded spirit!"

Coren Jones

"I am not particularly in shape, but I am not out of shape. I am shy and don't like to be judged by others. I like to work out, but am very lazy about it if I don't have a scheduled class to go to. I found a home for myself at Push where I can go and be myself. Thank you to Tammy and Janine for hiring a wonderful staff in Jacqui, Ray, Curt, Chris, Jolene and my personal a** kicker - Jaclyn. Couldn't have lost 20lbs without you."

Sonia Lee Sam

"I have never thought I would walk into a place and feel this welcomed and so comfortable. Everyone is so friendly and pushes each one of us to keep going. The classes are amazing. They offer such variety of combo classes and regular spin classes. I am blessed to have the people at Push in my life and happy to call them my Push Family."

Jennifer Sippola

"LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I’ve been hooked on PUSH for over a year and a half now. The atmosphere is amazing! So many fun classes to choose from and exciting new challenges each month. Love the owners, love the motivators, love the PUSH community!"

Benefits of how your life will improve:

  1. Burn more calories
  2. Improve cardio and heart health
  3. Build muscle tone
  4. Enhance mental strength
  5. Be part of a community that makes you feel like a team

We built our community and brand around “US” because we are in this life together, especially during these times, and the energy and support we give each other will help us achieve amazing things!

We are thrilled to stay healthy and active with you online, and to be sure you have the best possible experience, our team will be booking a time with you to learn more about your body, your needs and your goals. We can't wait to get to know you!

Have more questions for US? Get in touch via email at or send us a message us on social media. Click to visit our full website